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Frequently Asked Questions


What geographic areas do you provide service in?

At Johnston Pacific, we assist company owners, commercial property investors, and business community members in all of South Orange County, from Irvine to San Clemente.

The full list of cities that form our area of service are:

Aliso Viejo

Dana Point

Foothill Ranch


Ladera Ranch

Laguna Hills

Lake Forest

Mission Viejo

Rancho Santa Margarita

San Clemente

San Juan Capistrano

Do I really need a commercial real estate agency? What can you do that I can't?

Great question. Our business is YOUR business. All day, every day, we are involved with ongoing sale and lease transactions, in communication with commercial property vendors (such as roofers, plumbers,electricians, etc.), connected to other local business executives and property owners, and correspond on appraisals and inspections of a wide variety of commercial business space.

We have an up-to-the-minute live database of the commercial buildings in South Orange County, including asset values, association dues, estimated expenses, existing occupants, current property availability, and market trends dating back to 1991. From these daily interactions and the compiled data, we are able to provide you with local expertise and accurate knowledge, allowing you to make the informed, clear decisions that are imperative to your commercial real estate success.

Key items to consider when deciding between professional representation verses self-representation:

• Time Use: Saving money by burning time is a bad trade, as time is forever gone once it is wasted. Driving around commercial business parks calling on posted vacancy signs is highly time-intensive while only allowing you to cover a fraction of what is on the market for lease, sublease, or sale. With our team at Johnston Pacific you receive the power and time-savings of our full research, sales, marketing, and administrative departments all working for you to create the best property solutions for your requirements. For every successful property deal we complete on your behalf, hundreds of our hours are spent from the time the first meeting occurs until the delivery of the keys. We spend this time so that your interactions with the transaction are short and easy, requiring only minutes of your time instead of days. 

• Qualified Contacts: If you currently own commercial space that you are wanting to sell or lease, you could create a post on Craigslist, make a basic flyer in Microsoft Word, and hope you get a couple of phone calls. The other option is to leverage the proven-abilities of our elite sales and marketing teams to have your property featured to thousands of qualified contacts in our database via our multi-step marketing plan. Professional, sleek brochures and postcards, showing stunning interior and exterior photos, will be custom made for your South Orange County commercial real estate availability and emailed, mailed, telephoned, and personally presented to eligible prospects in target industries, size ranges, and specific projected growth rates. We maintain a constant list of candidates who are looking for commercial space, and immediately put your asset in front of them on your behalf. When both quality and quantity matter, we have you covered.

• Local Market Knowledge And Negotiations: One of the most important aspects during any business opportunity is to ensure you are getting the best possible value that a given situation can offer. We defend your hard-earned wealth from over-priced assets, low-ball buyers, unqualified tenants, and money-pit properties that will slowly bleed you dry. "That's nice jargon, but how do you actually do that?"  That's a reasonable question to be wondering. We constantly research the current local fair-market commercial real estate values by collecting data from recent sale and lease transactions on all types of buildings, working with property appraisers and bank lenders who oversee financing, and comparing current vs. historic data points to create a "big-picture" overview of what an honest and fair rate is for the sale or lease of any specific property. When screening for high-quality tenants and buyers, we process a paid credit-check, require both company and personal tax records for multiple years, current business financial statements, personal guarantee against business assets, and when applicable, a pre-qualification letter from a major banking institution. With this full scope of information on both sides of a transaction, we negotiate for your best interests until an agreement is reached that is fair, of full satisfaction to you, and meets or exceeds the requirements that you first set for your needs.

I don't have any property needs right now; what else do you provide?

No worries, we hope your current facility keeps working great for you far into the future! We also serve as an information center for any property/building related questions you may have. If you need vendors for repairs, are curious about current property values, need a specific commercial service such as private corporate security, an IT company, or other recommendation, we would love to assist you. Also make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can receive the latest business tips, tax details, market trends and more for the South Orange County areas!

I'm an investor and aquire commercial properties to use for cash-flow. Can you help me?

Yes! We represent owner-users, tenants, AND investors. Our team will gather your asset criteria and then present you with proposed return on investment analysis for the available properties that fit your requirements. We also look for off-market opportunities for you by contacting our various connections and discussing sale options with property owners of your choosing.

I have a question about something else.

We would love to answer any additional questions you may have. You can reach us via phone, email, or by submitting the "Contact Us" form below. Please call us at 949-366-2020 or email us at If you prefer an in-person meeting to further discuss details together, we are available to travel to your place of business or host you at either of our office locations, both in San Clemente and Lake Forest. We look forward to talking with you soon!